[3830] TxQP KG5U Single Op LP

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Wed Sep 27 00:51:04 EDT 2006

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: KG5U
Operator(s): KG5U
Station: KG5U

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Various
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    0     0       0
   80:    0     0       0
   40:   63     0       0
   20:  313     0       0
   15:    0     0       0
   10:    0     0       0
    6:    0     0       0
    2:    0     0       0
  UHF:    0     0       0
Total:  376     0       0  Mults = 45  Total Score = 61,016

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


(score = 376 * 45 * (8 counties * 1000)=61016)

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it: 

Monday, I called HRO Atlanta and ordered an FT-857D and ATAS-120 antenna.  They
both shipped out that evening.  The antenna arrived Wednesday.  The radio and
remote kit did not arrive until Friday.  UPS called to say they couldn't find
the house.  :-)  

So, a good part of Saturday was spent removing the old radio (FT-100) and
installing the new.  By the time it was all operational, it was too late to go
running counties.  

At 1400Z, Sunday, I was on the road.  The radio and antenna played like champs.
 Traffic was very light, the weather was nice and the roads were smooth.  

When the new county pileups on 20m subsided to where I called CQ a couple of
times, I would change bands to 15m (bunches of cQ's, zero contacts made, no
stations heard) or 40m (fair to middling activity throughout the day), then
bounce back to 20m to try to pick up some more stations before I ran out of 
the county.  

The 20m pileups were so big and so many stations were so well zero-beated
(sometimes, it was like a single carrier), I had to pull over and stop to work
through them.  This put me way behind the planned timeline for my run up to
Enchanted Rock.  

With all the stops, I only made Goliad county before the contest was over. 
Bummer.  Next year, I will have a driver.  

As god is my witness, I will never run short of time again.  I cudda been a
contender.  Stella!!!!!

Also, paper logging sux.  Having a driver, I will definitely be laptop logging
next year.  

County breakdowns: 
Harris         8		
Galveston     39
Brazoria      48
Matagorda     56
Jackson       28
Calhoun       64
Refugio       66
Goliad        67

A BIG thanks to everyone who participated in this year's TQP.  Y'all are what
makes this contest/party so great. 

dale, kg5u

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