[3830] CQ WW RTTY S57AW(@S50A) SOSB/40 HP

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Wed Sep 27 15:57:08 EDT 2006

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: S57AW
Operator(s): S57AW
Station: S50A

Class: SOSB/40 HP
QTH: Slovenia
Operating Time (hrs): ~ 41

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   40: 1325  3180      46      102    35
Total: 1325  3180      46      102    35  Total Score = 581,940

Club: Slovenia Contest Club


Thanks to station owner Tine - S50A for giving me an opportunity again to
operate his station. Tine operated from the same shack on SOSB/80m.

Much better propagation 1st night, Saturday night was quite tiresome, CONDX
much worse with the lowest rate of 6 QSO/Hour only:-) Band became very alive
again with strong signals from NA just about 2 hours before the end of the

850 QSO after first 24 hours promised a good score.

Some nice rates and thanks to some rare stations which answered my call, such
as ZD8I, ZS2EZ, VU2LBW, DT8A, T88AS, E21YDP, KH7X, 3XM6JR, HR2/LU1DY & many

It was nice to hear some new calls on the RTTY mode, what makes RTTY contesting
more and more popular.

Missed zone 1, 6, 12, 34 & 37.

The most worked DXCC - USA (304 QSO)

FT-1000MP + AMP 
3 el & 2 el monoband Yagi

Thanks to all for the QSOs and all the fun.

73 Robert, S57AW

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