[3830] TxQP K5LH SO CW LP

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Wed Sep 27 22:12:44 EDT 2006

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: K5LH
Operator(s): K5LH
Station: K5LH

Class: SO CW LP
QTH: McLennan Co.
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   49              
   40:  169              
   20:  194              
   15:    2              
Total:  414     0       0  Mults = 115  Total Score = 145,330



No TQP seems complete without its unique set of circumstances, frustrations and
surprises.  Of course, these very characteristics account for much of the
contest's charm and growing popularity.

Operating from near the center of the state turned out to be a decided handicap
this year as conditions rendered instate contacts essentially impossible from
here on 20m and only sporadically reliable on 40m.  Add to the mix a Saturday
afternoon cold front with severe thunderstorms right overhead and later the
company of our friends from the RTTY department, and you have yourself a major
challenge.  Listening to the pile-ups for mobiles on 20m without even being
able to gauge who is being called can make for long hours at the key.  And yes,
to borrow N5DO's colorful characterization from his West Texas (ad)vantage
point, the inanity of "duelling CQs" can indeed take on shades of insanity. 
Nothing doing on 15m from here, by the way, except for two ground wave QSOs. 
Missed W3DYA entirely this year--a sure indication of crazy propagation.

But was it fun?  You bet, and apparently not only for our valiant mobiles and
fixed TX stations, but also for an ever-growing corps of out-of-staters for
whom an 18-hour chase of such counties as "Deaf Smith" (I actually got that one
myself) and "Baylor" (Sic 'em, Bears!) can break up the monotony of repeat
contacts with the urban centers.

Muchas gracias to mobiles such as K5OT, W5SL and WW5X who regularly ventured
down to 40m CW to feed the needy before returning to graze on 20 meter's
Elysian Fields.  

So, congrats to N5DO for an absolutely outstanding performance in the SO CW
Only category, and to K5CX and the gang at NARS for a show expertly run.

Just as in 2005, I will have to miss the 2007 TQP as I will be back in Europe
from August through November, possibly reactivating my Old World call, DK5LH,
for a change.  Will definintely be thinking of you guys and the grand time you
are having.

Chris, K5LH

Rig: OMNI V (90 W), wire dipoles.

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