[3830] Rus DX N8II SOSB/20 HP

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Mon Apr 2 11:42:12 EDT 2007

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: SOSB/20 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
   20:  204     0        35        23
Total:  204     0        35        23  Total Score = 70,122

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


At the start of the contest, conditions were poor to Russia and Eu; I
 could tell the band was full of activity, some of which was too weak to
 copy. Even the big guns were weak or beaming to Russia. So I tuned the
 band S&P and with the amplifier to help managed to work most all of what
 I could copy. I was planning to operate the VaQP and be out for the evening
 and had to spend 45 minutes clearing snow, so a big effort was not 
 happen this year. Signals were good by 14Z, but Asiatic Russia had faded
 out. After a long break and some VaQP frustration, I returned to find
 condx quite good to Eu at 19Z and decent activity, but my power line
 noise was about S6, loud enough to take the fun away from running. There
 were even a few UA3 area Russians with good signals at 20Z. I hit 200
 Q's about the time I needed to quit for the evening anyway, so that
 was it for me. I missed the good last hour or so Sunday.

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