[3830] WPX SSB KU5B(@NX5M) SOSB20 HP

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Wed Apr 11 22:51:44 EDT 2007

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: KU5B
Operator(s): KU5B
Station: NX5M

Class: SOSB20 HP
QTH: Somerville, TX
Operating Time (hrs): ~30

 Band  QSOs
   20: 2311
Total: 2311  Prefixes = 734  Total Score = 2,413,392

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


A HUGE thanks to Bob and family for their wonderful hospitality even at such
short notice of a single op effort. As of about 4 hours before the contest we
were planning a serious M/2 effort but due to operator issues this wouldn't
have been possible. I was already on my way out of Houston around 3pm when Bob
called and said that this operation had been scrubbed. He then very graciously
asked if I wanted to do a single op and I of course had to say YES! Op'ing from
his station is always a good time and lots of good conversation. Arrived in
Somerville around 4:30 and made the always necessary run to Dairy Queen (I love
Texas) after getting the antennas hooked up and computer re-programmed. The
contest started and boy was it a total mess. People were crammed on 20m and
took me 10 minutes or so to find a good run frequency after being run off by
some notable big guns....come on guys, I may be young but as some of the
WWYC'ers say, "Don't mess with KUB". I went to sleep around midnight and got up
at 6am only to find the band dead with just a few South American stations. By
9am the band was hopping, but where were the Europeans??!! I had logged MAYBE 5
total from Friday night and Saturday combined. Some very nice JA runs to be had
but this really felt like doing single op during NAQP SSB (not totally a bad
thing, I had so much fun working the US piles). Went to sleep Saturday night at
11pm or so and decided I wouldn't get up until 7am on Sunday. Well, this may not
have been the best decision but an extremely LONG week before this contest made
sleeping for 6-7 hours inevitable. Finally on Sunday morning the EU's started
to boom in and continued like that for the remainder of the day. Congrats to
W7WA for his fantastic score, looks like you're the man to get pointers from.
Dinner on Sunday evening with his family was really great, they are such nice
people. Listen for NX5M during the CW part as we put together a good M/M
team...but if you hear my call, you'll know what happened. Until next time.

Colin KU5B

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