[3830] GaQP DL6KVA Single Op HP

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Mon Apr 16 15:50:53 EDT 2007

                    Georgia QSO Party

Call: DL6KVA
Operator(s): DL6KVA
Station: DL6KVA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   20      
   20:   84      
Total:  104     0  CW Mults = 80  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 16,640



Thanks a lot for a nice QSO-party. As always a great activity from the Mobiles,
they makes the QSO-parties a really fun!
Condx weren't really good ... just a few hours from 2000 utc on 20m before the
band died out around 2200 utc both days ... and a bit on 40m. Went to needed
sleep around 00.40 utc on sunday ... so missed a few needed counties in last
hours of the first part. Down to 6 needed counties in GA now for USA-CA ALL CW.
Hope to see such and more activity next year, will be back for sure!

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