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Tue Apr 17 10:03:18 EDT 2007

                    JIDX CW Contest

Call: VK6DXI
Operator(s): VK6DXI
Station: VK6DXI

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Near Perth
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   42    26
   40:  101    39
   20:   94    35
   15:  191    40
   10:   22    15
Total:  452   157  Total Score = 81,954

Club: VKCC


Declaration form does not allow for 160m band entry (a new JIDX rule).
I had 2 QSO's on 160m with 2 prefectures.

I had a slow start, as I missed out on first 2 hours of the contest due to
other commitments and bad planning on my behalf.
Last year it was a very narrow race with VK4AN, as I had just 4 QSO more then
Last year I managed to get more points and multipliers, as I was lucky enough
to have
a great 10m opening.
Looking at the last year results, it seems that I was the only one having
such a good go on 10m.

This year I must have missed out on 10m opening, or I just did not have it.
I could hear Eddie working JA's on 10m, but at that time no JA's were heard
15m was a best band with a very strong signals coming through from Japan. A
sign of things to come.
20m did not follow 15m and it was a bit of struggle for me to get through
USA and Eu QRM.
Surprisingly JA beverage was the best antenna to listen to JA's on 20m
I was quite comfortable on 40m, but the presence from JA was very limited.
Additionally on 40m the HF radar took some hours away.
First night 80m had some activity, but second night was a waste of time.
80/40m gave me the multiplier advantage this year.
On 160m it was just a noise. I struggled to get my 2 QSO's..

Sunday brought lot's of needed rain to WA and I got lot's of static with it.
I had to struggle to copy anything on any antenna sometimes.

Overall I had fun, as the contest is not too long and allows some little
sleep half way through.
JA's are very disciplined, so it was a pleasure to have them in small pile
ups as well.

Greetings to all and 73 Mirek VK6DXI

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