[3830] NCCC Sprint N6ZFO LP

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Fri Apr 20 02:29:13 EDT 2007

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Apr 20

Call: N6ZFO
Operator(s): N6ZFO
Station: N6ZFO

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): .5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   0      0
   80:   1      1
   40:  18     12
   20:  15      9
Total:  34     22  Total Score = 748

Club: Northern California Contest Club


NS Ladder came into it's own this week.  I suspect a recruiting effort by Mike,
W9RE has something to do with this important development. 

Five of my first seven Q's were with stations I've not heard before in NS
Ladder.  Newcomers include W4HZD, W1FJ, W9WI, KC4HW, K9BGL, WT9U and N9FC.  No
doubt there were others.  Also great to see K5OT and WA1Z back in the fray.  

We've had multiple requests to spread the frequency range; although the pileups
are fun and challenging they don't maximum score production.  

It's likely we'll conduct a 15-min practice session next week 30 mins prior to
NS.  Probably 0200-0215Z.  More details forthcoming, but just show up and try
it.  There will be no score reporting . . we encourage the more experienced
members to join in, but keeping cw speed at 20 wpm or below.  Mike, W9RE has
been especially anxious to have such a practice, and our NS Ladder board liked
the idea (N3BB, K3STX, K4BAI, plus N4AF, N6RO and W0YK  --Well, we didn't
actually hear from k4bai, who is probably still in recovery from the Ga QP)

Mike, W9RE's record NS ladder score -- 1984 -- got shattered tonight as I see a
2255 from Tor, N4OGW.  But then we havn't seen Mike's score yet.  Amazingly,
neither N6RO or I worked W9RE in spite of his rock-crushing s9+30 signal in CA
on 20 meters.  The statistics of this contest are amazing.

I thank all of you for making the NS a big success in our 4th running.

73 Bill n6zfo

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