[3830] EU Sprint SSB DL6FBL(@DR1A) HP

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Sun Apr 22 03:56:01 EDT 2007

                    EU Spring Sprint, SSB

Call: DL6FBL
Operator(s): DL6FBL
Station: DR1A

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   50         
   40:   58         
   20:   82         
Total:  190   Total Score = 190



Operation mode was SO3R = Single-OP-3-Rooms. When I wanted to change bands, I
had to run from one room to the other. Not very flexible for operating, but
keeping the operator physically fit. :-)

20m propagation sucked big time. Here from Central/West EU only stations on the
outskirts of EU were workable. Stations from closer areas mostly did not produce
a single beep here. About an hour in the contest even stations from the Ukraine
were interestingly better worked on the 5/5-Stack pointing USA than on the
single 5-ele pointing East! And they were weak, not loud. I also heard ES5TV
for the first time only on a later visit to 20m and worked him on Backscatter I
think... I had more fun collecting 001s from loud W6/W7 stations, hi...
Similar situation on 40m. Band had already begun to "close", and the G-stations
were weak. Only two DLs, no PA, and no ON on 40m. 80m was OK from here, of
course, but I was running out of workable stations quickly.

73 Ben

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