[3830] OnQP VE3XD Single Op LP

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Sun Apr 22 15:10:20 EDT 2007

                    Ontario QSO Party

Call: VE3XD
Operator(s): VE3XD
Station: VE3XD

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    3      3      4
   80:   15    108     50
   40:    5     86     34
   20:    0    274     44
    2:    0      6      3
Total:   23    477    145  Total Score = 91,205

Club: Contest Club Ontario


I had planned to work only phone this time but couldn't resist giving a few Qs
and maybe mults on CW. But the phone activity was by far the most active from
here and especially from our neighbours to the south. Compared to last year
conditions were great although my noise level made many contacts difficult
especially on the low bands. 

Sunday morning was slow but after a 2 hour absence to take my daughter to the
airport I came back to find 20m just amazing. In the last 45 minutes I had
worked 75 U.S. stations many from close in states such as NY, NJ and PA. Worked
my 500th station as time ran out. 

This year was by far my best result of any Ontario QSO Party. Thanks to all.

73, Don VE3XD

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