[3830] MiQP K8A(NU8Z) Single Op HP

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Tue Apr 24 08:49:19 EDT 2007

                    Michigan QSO Party

Call: K8A
Operator(s): NU8Z
Station: NU8Z

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 6.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   64    113
   40:  107     85
   20:   46     42
   15:    0      0
   10:    0      0
Total:  217    240  CW Mults = 70  Ph Mults = 80  Total Score = 101,100



Had some issues that limited my time in the chair, but still had a great time.
There seemed to be a lot of activity. Forty was too long to snag a lot of in
state mobiles during the day. The mobiles in the UP came in well. 80 meters is
where I got most all my county mults. I think that the overall activity level
was up and there seemed to be more fixed station activity this year.   
Started off Low Power, but switched to Hi power. Ran about 300 to 400 watts. It
really seemed to help the rate on 20 and 80 meters.
Thanks to all for getting on the air and adding to the action.
Mark NU8Z

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