[3830] NCCC Sprint N6ZFO/6 LP

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Fri Apr 27 03:28:25 EDT 2007

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Apr 27

Call: N6ZFO/6
Operator(s): N6ZFO
Station: N6ZFO/6

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   0     0
   80:   0     0
   40:   0     0
   20:   0     0
Total:   0     0  Total Score = 1

Club: Northern California Contest Club


N6ZFO Comments:

-- Thank you to all participants for what so far looks like another record
number of stations in the NS Ladder Wk 7. 

-- From several comments I gather the W9RE practice Slow NS (SNS) was
successful.  Whether SNS becomes a permanent fixture or one that we try for
just a while remains to be seen. Please help Mike (W9RE) publicize the event in
your notices to individual club reflectors or to friends that you invite to join
NS Ladder.

-- N6RO becomes the first station to amass a five-figure cumulative score.

-- Glad to hear of many newcomers this week, among them K1AR, N3DXX, KJ9C,
W4EDE and no doubt others.  It's helpful to have new arrivals mentioned so I
can send a welcoming e-mail and reminder to post to 3830.

>W5JAW wrote: "I remembered to keep my shoes on tonight, so did not stub my
toes like I did a couple of weeks ago while rushing through the balcony door to
switch the micro vertical from 80 to 160

  -- Jim, at least you remembered to open the door -- it could have been

>W9RE wrote: "Sometime maybe we should have a no dupe rule just for fun."

  --  We have a provision in the NS Ladder to vary the number of intervening
Q's  between dupes to modulate the activity.  That's part of our "spec" for
eventual NS Software, along with providing for an SSB and RTTY and perhaps
PSK31 NCCC Sprint.  I'd rather keep dupe rule consistent through the year so
that week-to-week scores have consistency. NSL-II was,I think, run with a
two-qso dupe rule.  

>K6VVA Wrote:  "Apologies to the two 5-landers who were exactly zero beat with
the same strength"

        --  I often use a few hertz offset on TX to combat this problem. Last
week W1UE had the zero beat issue nicely solved with the melodious 1950's style
chirp on his signal.

 -- Break in NS Ladder . . still a ways away, but remember we've scheduled two
breaks in the 18-event NS Ladder 
          -- May 25 No NS  prior to WPX CW
          -- July 5 No NS  (popular vacation week)

 -- No winner of the K6VVA NS Ladder "X prize" this week 3000 points.

 -- "Tail ending"  there have been some comments that we are not waiting for
the leaving stn to acknowledge before calling the new owner of the frequency. I
personally think it's best for the leaving station to acknowledge earlier in the
exchange taking advantage of fast break in, or send continuous dits if there is
a problem.  But some acknowledgement should always be given. . it's one of our
implied rules.  Early acknowledgement increases the efficiency.

 -- I'm going to try to find time this week to create a Ladder blog, which will
be a better venue for making comments.  Remember to read the KA3DRR blog at

73 Bill n6zfo/6
NS Ladder Director
n6zfo at arrl.net

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