[3830] TBDC VE3MGY Single Op LP

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Sun Dec 30 12:59:42 EST 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: VE3MGY
Operator(s): VE3MGY
Station: VE3MGY

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Ontario
Operating Time (hrs): 

Total:  QSOs = 140  Total Score = 334

Club: Contest Club Ontario


A last minute change in plans meant that I couldn't work the contest in the
evening hours so I decided to call CQ through the day to see if I could work a 
few stations a couple of hundred km out. Boy was I surprised!! I worked 50
stations - 30 of them were farther than 500 km, 5 were farther than 800 km and
two were at 1152 km!! Those two sounded exactly like DX stations at night with
deep QSB, just not as long between fades and peaks. They were worked at 1420
and 1520 local time. Boy was I impressed. But I would have never thought it
could be done. It must be a combination of 0db noise [ at least on my end ],
the absolute bottom of the sunspot cycle, and the dead of winter with the sun
low on the horizion. Still with just 100 watts.... Maybe next year there should
be an award for the longest daylight to daylight QSO or an award for the longest
mid-day mid-path QSO. It would appear that 160 now offers us pleasant surprises
even in the daytime.


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