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Mon May 28 08:54:06 EDT 2007

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: 5H3EE
Operator(s): 5H3EE
Station: 5H3EE

Class: SOAB(TS) HP
QTH: Dar es Salaam
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  QSOs
   40:   20
   20:  392
   15: 1166
   10:    4
Total: 1582  Prefixes = 635  Total Score = 3,021,330



FT890AT + FL2100Z
80/40/20 inverted vee dipole used for all bands

The most important decision I made before the contest: I will participate from
my home qth, but not at the 5I3A-club.  What a fatal mistake. At the club we
have a  KLM-logperiodic, but no usable antenna for  80/40.  Local noise is a
problem there as well. At home my Inverted Vee
(http://www.zawadi.de/multidipole.htm) is working fairly well on the low bands,
but just a compromise for the upper ones.  I always felt to be strong in EU on
40m in the last weeks and was stupid enough to hope for lots of 6-point QSOs. 
But a contest is a real different issue, the QRM from all the big guns is huge
and in summer QRN is a problem as well. Hopefully I will read this before the
next contest...

Saturday was difficult, 40m just frustrating: strong signals but nobody did
hear me. 20m was weak and closed very early, 15m was fine with strong sigs from
JA/EU and fairly to NA.  
Sunday was better, 20m was fine in the evening to EU and NA, 15m again strong
to JA. At the best time for JA 2 hours power cut did bring some unexpected
sleep.  Both days 10m was not really open here, the beam could have changed
this picture probably. 

Tried hard to get some points on 40m in the last minutes, to reach at least the
3mio points. Thanks for digging me out of the QRN.  

Anyway, did learn a lot again... See you all in the next contest.

73 de Mike 5H3EE

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