[3830] TxQP KB9OWD Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 1 12:43:48 EDT 2007

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: KB9OWD
Operator(s): KB9OWD
Station: KB9OWD

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    3              
   40:   25     23       
   20:   64     23       
Total:   92     46      0  Mults = 84  Total Score = 35,080



Total score is with 4,000 bonus points

Worked this one with 100 W into a G5RV up about 25 feet.  Plans are in place
and the tower will go up when the ground thaws in the spring and it can't come
soon enough!!

Congrats to Paul, N4PN on another fine score!  I hear that a new QTH in Georgia
is in the plans which will only add to his scores.  Always good to see you Paul,
keep up the good work!!

My plan for the weekend was to work the RTTY contest, pick up some new
countries there and work some TX stations in between.  After seeing some of the
worst RTTY conditions to ever come across the screen, I spent a little more time
in this one. 

Took off from both about 1900Z to 2300Z Saturday for a cookout during the
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State football game and that probably cost me a good
amount of mults and bonus points.  Had to work Sunday and missed the last 2
hours which also cost me a bit.

The K5NA group has some of the better ears I have seen in a QSO party and
always managed to pull out my weak signal right off the bat.  I see they added
an excellent op in K5OT who has transplanted back to TX from WI and always good
to run into him! 

K5NA by far led my mobile count with 21.  NO5W, KG5U and KE5MS also added to
the bonus points. 

Also nice to run into Danny, K7SS early Sunday afternoon as he pulled me off
the K5NA pileup for a quick CW QSO.  Always nice to see him as well!

See you all in the PA test in a few weeks and in CQWW later this month.



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