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Mon Oct 1 15:03:41 EDT 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: F6IRF
Operator(s): F6IRF
Station: F6IRF

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80: 215`   457      13       45    11
   40:  400   861      19       72    21
   20:  334   850      38       73    27
   15:   67   150       0       44    14
   10:    9    18       0        9     3
Total: 1025  2336      70      243    76  Total Score = 908,704



Small "single-radio" domestic setup: 2elts steppIR at 12m, 40/80 homemade
bibander vertical, 756Pro2, small amp and N1MM (just perfect as usual !).
All together, 3 fiberglass elements for the 5 bands ! 

Was planning to do a bit more, especially on low bands, but when I
woke up around midnight local time the second night, it was heavily 
raining, which means, with my 380kV local power line, abt S7 white 
noise on 40, and S9+ on 80... So no alternative than going back to 
bed. I came back just before sunrise, when the rain had finaly 
stopped, but must say, with limited motivation.
Condx have been very bad, this stat says it all: Only 15% of NA-stations 
in the log (while the usual percentage in this contest fm my place used to be
around 35%). 
Did not hear much from NW-states/prov (with the exception of Jim 
W7EJ from OR) and wkd only 2 Californians on 20m. Nada from NA on 15m and not
even JA6GCE from what is usualy my best direction...
Fortunately a good EU activity allowed a few good runs at >100-rate 
with a good 30mn peak at 110 on 40m saturday morning. My home-made 40/80 
vertical(*) did a good job on 40m, where I worked more countries
than I did in 2005 in 40h of traffic, a dipole at 20m and a SO2R setup...
Just a bit of E's on 10m, but only to a few limited areas. Congrats 
to DL0TTY for being my only 5-bander !

See you soon from CN !


(*) A description of my bibander vertical should be available soon in english
from my blog: http://f6irf.blogspot.com/ (already available in french)

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