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Tue Oct 2 00:47:56 EDT 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: K0TG
Operator(s): K0TG
Station: W0AIH

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19.5

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:  133   152       40       8     8
   40:  346   483       51      31    17
   20:  261   512       29      51    19
   15:   66   126       23      20    14
   10:    1     3        0       1     1
Total:  807  1276      143     111    59  Total Score = 399,701

Club: Minnesota Wireless Association


First of all, thanks to Paul, W0AIH for the use of his station.  Due to other
things going on I did not get started until early afternoon Saturday.  

I was really hoping that the low bands would be in better shape than they were.
 With the thunderstorms in the area it was tough to hear.  I had to shut down
for almost an hour on Saturday afternoon due to a lot of sparks flying.  So
lost some valuable time on 20 and 15.  

I managed to work LU1HF on 10.  He was running EU but he was the only signal I
could hear.  I tried CQing a bit, but no takers.  It was nice to hear signals
on 15.  I thought there would be some, but it was much more active than I
expected from the Black Hole.

In the last two hours I had set my sights on breaking the 800 QSO level.  I had
about 75 to go to get there.  I also wanted to break the 400K level for the
score.  Well, I got to 807 for Q's but only to 399,701 for the score.  DRATS!!!
 Well it was not for lack of trying.  An HB0 called me when I was on 40 and that
would have clinched it but we could not finish the QSO for some reason.  He was
gone.  I should have gone to at least a half hour earlier than I did.  I tried
40 at about 2200Z and heard some DX, but it was tough to get thru the East
Coast wall.  So I thought it might be better an hour later.  I probably should
have toughed it out and gotten my run going earlier.  40 is a great band to end
this one on.  

It was great to see the 10 minute rate above 100 many times!  To bad conditions
were so poor.  It could have stayed up there longer!

73, John  K0TG @ W0AIH

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