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Tue Oct 2 19:16:24 EDT 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: K3MM
Operator(s): K3MM
Station: N3HBX

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 43
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:  452   759       48      49    16
   40:  658  1405       51      69    23
   20: 1252  2990       54      82    25
   15:  170   303       32      30    16
   10:   25    60        6       7     6
Total: 2557  5517      191     237    86  Total Score = 2,835,738

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Thanks a bunch to John, N3HBX, for the use of his excellent station. No
beverages due to soybeans in the field, but bands were fairly quiet after some
light crashing Friday night. 

I dont imagine anyone broke any records this year!  10 was just dead and 15
wasnt much better.  I managed to work one I and one EA on Sunday there for
double mults!  Woo hoo! My score was down about 10 percent from last year but I
was amazed it wasnt a lot worse.  Q total was impressive considering...

I got caught napping Sunday morning when 20 opened at least 45 minutes earlier
than on Saturday and I struggled to come up with a run frequency.  20 actually
came to life late on Sunday with some very loud JA's and a couple zone 19's,
but no depth - perhaps cause it was Monday morning over there!  Also snagged a
couple of VK's and ZL's long path late Sunday.

As would be expected 20 and 40 were packed with stations.  20 was
amazing...just a bottomless pit of stations even with depressed conditions for
most of the weekend.  "I got nowhere else to go!" kept playing over and over in
my head!  40 was a slug-fest, but ended up with some halfway decent runs way up
around 7050-7060.  Also picked up a JA calling CQ well out of the window at
around 7040 Saturday AM.

73, Ty K3MM

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