[3830] N6RO NS/CQP practice Oct 6

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Sat Oct 6 01:32:04 EDT 2007

  NCCC CQP Practice - Oct 6

Call: N6O
Operator(s): N6RO
Station: N6RO

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): .5
Radios: SO2R

  Band  CW Q    SSB Q
   160:   2      0
    80:  15      2
    40:  12     17
    20:   4      0
Total:  33       19
Tot 52 Qs
MULTS = 20
Total Score = 2740

Glad to see more CA/NCCC activity tonight.  Had a good run of 'new 
guys' on 40m SSB, hence a better mult than last night, same QSO total 
as last night, which was all CW.

80m good, but skip goes long shortly after 03Z.  It should come back 
later Saturday night.  N6O will be on all night on the low bands.

Next week, back to NS format until two weeks before CW SS, when we'll 
use SS rules.

Have fun in CQP, N6RO

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