[3830] CaQP K0RC SOFixed HP

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Mon Oct 8 00:02:09 EDT 2007

                    California QSO Party

Call: K0RC
Operator(s): K0RC
Station: K0RC

Class: SOFixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:    0      0
   80:   22      0
   40:   69     36
   20:  112    158
   15:    7      1
   10:    0      0
    6:    0      0
    2:    0      0
Total:  210    195  Mults = 58  Total Score = 59,392

Club: Minnesota Wireless Association


I worked a clean sweep of CA counties in mixed mode this year. I fell short 5
counties on both CW and Phone. The Triple Crown Sweep will need to wait for
another year! Without 10m and 15m propagation, the pace slowed down after
working 20m dry.

Signals from 6-Land were anywhere from +40 dB/S9 to ESP level. Especially
frustrating was the rapid QSB on 20m. I would get the first half of a callsign
or report and the signal would plunge into the abyss during the second half.
Almost everyone persisted and made it into my log.

I only had two stations call me from outside CA. I logged them and moved on as
quickly as possible. I think the log checking routine will simply discard these
QSO's without penalty (I'm hoping!).

Thanks for the extra effort by the mobile stations! Your contacts really make
this a fun event, especially anticipating the next needed county. There were
several portable stations I worked that had tremendous signals too.

My log has been uploaded to the CA robot, eQSL, and LoTW. Thanks for all the
Q's and see you in the next one.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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