[3830] RSGB 21/28 G4FKA Single Op Restricted

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Mon Oct 8 06:14:12 EDT 2007

                    RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest

Call: G4FKA
Operator(s): G4FKA
Station: G4FKA

Class: Single Op Restricted
QTH: Bristol
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
   15:   44     0       20         0
   10:    3     0        2         0
Total:   47     0       22         0  Total Score = 3,102

Club: Bristol Contest Grp


Started just before 0900, CW only, and worked stations until 1418. Called for a
further couple of hours after that but no QSOs. Band was still open but
everyone was calling the J6, D2 and 5L2. Wish a few had worked the contest as

Three QSOs on 28. Kept going back to the band every few minutes but nothing
heard after 1043.

Usual simple antenna, this time a sloping half wave dipole cut for 12 m so half
way in between the two bands. Top end at around 10m. Rig was IC756 ProIII and
MFJ993B auto-tuner.

Looking forward to better conditions in future years.

Geoff G4FKA

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