[3830] CaQP W6YX M/MFixed HP

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Thu Oct 11 00:41:30 EDT 2007

                    California QSO Party

Call: W6YX
Station: W6YX

Class: M/MFixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 25.75

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:    40     35
   80:   215    184
   40:   401    544
   20:   421    937
   15:   201    192
   10:     3      3
Total:  1281   1895  Mults = 58  Total Score = 442,714

Club: Northern California Contest Club


This was yet another outstanding CQP!  We set up three stations and entered as a
M/M to give ourselves max operating flexibility without needing to create an
operator schedule.  Thanks to Mark K6UFO for setting up and coordinating our

The setup:
3 stations, only one working amplifier
a) FT1000MP with Alpha 78
b) FT1000MkV running low power
c) FT1000MkV running low power, lost RX early Sunday morning and retired for
the rest of the contest.

Here's a tally of how many of our stations were on the air at any given time:
All 3 radios : 11 hours
2 radios : 7.25 hours
1 radio : 7.5 hours
0 (totally off air) : 4.25 hours

We're very pleased with our score!  20m SSB produced an endless supply of
casual callers.  Although 15m was not as productive as last year, it was better
than I thought it would be for a solar flux index of 68.

I was surprised how loud Europe was Sunday on 20m.  A mobile station in Italy
even called in on 20m SSB!  Our best DX was J28JA.  We have 23 DXCC entities in
our log.  We contacted a lot of mobiles, including one aeronautical mobile.

VY1 was our last mult.  Thanks to VY1JA and VY1WR for calling!

CQP provided a great opportunity to demonstrate the station when a new grad
student member from Norway stopped by to check out the action.  

Thanks to everyone for participating in CQP!

-Dean - N6DE

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