[3830] NCCC Sprint K7SS LP

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Fri Oct 12 00:26:56 EDT 2007

At 09:05 PM 10/11/2007 -0700, webform at b4h.net wrote:
>K5NZ ..never heard !

WHAAATTTTTT??? I'm not considered a NS regular yet???????????

Whatever......  due to new job, and horrendous hours and days that have
made me somewhat numb by the time I get home from the City, I TOTALLY
FORGOT today was NS-Day.


Can't hardly believe it. Missed my first NS since early last spring

Oh well, there's always next week, but apparently not tomorrow night.....  ;o(

What would everybody say if we did NS on EVERY Friday night in addition to
Thursday on a regular basis (other than for the Ladder, of course)???  I
really need a contest fix during weeks when there's nothing but ratty or
voice tests going on  ;o(((((((((

On the plus side, I now have a pair of tribanders, at least one of which
may.... MAY.... get up in the air before SSCW. Just maybe, I may be able to
generate some kind of weak pipsqueak sig on the higher bands from New
England by SSCW. We'll see. Hours to get them up are really limited, as
well as energy.

IF I can avoid having to spend 13 hours a day on the new job  ;o((((((((

Steve "and if you don't know where I am in New England, WORK me and find
out!!", K0XP

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