[3830] NA Sprint RTTY NN7SS(K6UFO) QRP

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Sun Oct 14 15:51:03 EDT 2007

                    NA Sprint RTTY Contest

Call: NN7SS
Operator(s): K6UFO
Station: NN7SS

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:  13         
   40:  46         
   20:  26         
Total:  85     Mults = 19  Total Score = 1,615

Club: Northern California Contest Club

Team: NCCC #1


Brother, that was hard work! 

I operated QRP, which I usually enjoy, and to evaluate 
the antenna performance before making some changes. But 
QSOs were very hard to come by, and even people I heard 
well couldn't hear me. Sure, I would get beat out in a 
pileup, but when they just CQ, CQ back at me it was 
discouraging... My score is less than half what it was 
when going QRP in March '05.
20m faded early (before the contest?) and 40m was all I 
could use for hours. 80m was quite useless here in the 
Pacific Northwest, since the sun was still up and little 
could be heard - let alone worked at QRP. 

Some surprising loud signals from K6TD (new antennas!), 
W1UE (my only W1, W2 or W3!), and W0YK, but they were often 
working more legal dupes than listening for a weak signal. 
I hope the legal dupe rule goes away soon to encourage more 
S&P and bring strategy in line with the other Sprints. 
I heard several VE3's and the VE9 but could never get a 

That said, it was still a pleasure to get a complete QSO-
dance performed, and the operators all seemed top-notch and 
trying hard. Thanks for the QSOs!

NN7SS Burt (op K6UFO Mork!)

Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs turned down to 5w.
3-el SteppIR at 55'
Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50'
80-meter half-sloper
Writelog and MMTTY software

QSOs by hour and band:
          80M     40M     20M    Total   Cumm
0000Z    ---+-      8      19       27     27
0100Z       1      16       7       24     51
0200Z       4      10       -       14     65
0300Z       8      12       -       20     85
Total:     13      46      26

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