[3830] Makrothen RTTY VA2UP(VE2FBD) SO/Single Xcvr HP

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Sun Oct 14 22:06:19 EDT 2007

                    Makrothen RTTY Contest

Call: VA2UP
Operator(s): VE2FBD
Station: VA2UP

Class: SO/Single Xcvr HP
QTH: Lasalle
Operating Time (hrs): 14

 Band  QSOs
   80:   60
   40:   89
   20:  332
   15:   13
Total:  494  Total Score = 2,518,246

Club: Contest Group Quebec


Very happy to be able to participate in this fine contest. Very interesting
under several aspects. Went in with one radio this time and using high power
400W,  very relaxed and really enjoyed the time spent in front of the sreen. So
much so that even 9+20db noise level on 80 and S9 on 40M at times din't bother
me at all I just thought: well, this is what is like living in the city...
Started second session 2 hours late and from the first CQ had one of the most
thrilling runs in quite sometime, peaking 187 Q's per hour, accumulated
1,000,000 points in 1 1/2 hour or so. Wow that was it for me, when the run
slowed down I felt great and this time I thought: well, this IS CONTESTING!!
Did try some 15M but somehow in my neighbourhood never really opened up enough
to give it a gud go. Hope Makrothen stays in the circle for a long time since
everybody seems to appreciate it vy much. Thank you all for gud fun.

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