[3830] PaQP K8MM Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 15 14:09:00 EDT 2007

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party

Call: K8MM
Operator(s): K8MM
Station: K8MM

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  RTTY Qs  PSK31 Qs
  160:    4                        
   80:   78     71                 
   40:   74    119                 
Total:  156    190      0         0  Mults = 67  Total Score = 33,555.0

Club: Thumb Area Contesters


This was my first time in the PAQP. It's just the right distance away from MI to
have great signals on 40 and 80. I missed Cambria and Duaphin for the sweep. The
bonus stations were an interesting twist with the bonus points and free
multiplier. I worked them a total of 12 times. When I looked at my score in
writelog I thought I was on a tear but in reality it needed to be divided by
10. See you next year and be sure to work me in the MiQP.

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