[3830] TBDC N2WN Single Op LP

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Sun Oct 21 19:40:11 EDT 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: N2WN
Operator(s): N2WN
Station: N2WN

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7.36

Total:  QSOs = 163  Total Score = 900

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Kinda quiet, never heard EU, C52C signal was monstrous at times, as was JA3YBK,
didn't work either (although YBK musta heard something!), didn't work VK6VZ
either, just couldn't connect the dots :o( On the bright side a very kind thank
you to KL7RA who duped me, the second time running QRP!! He went from weak to
sounding like a local Sunday Morning. Worked a few ARCI folks as well, they had
a fine presence on the band. Sunday AM produced much better hauls than Saturday
night, band seemed to have a bit of life left when I went QRT. Thanks for all
the Q's!

Elecraft K2/100 (sometimes <5 watts)
60+ foot T
no Rx antenna (gotta burn a bunch o'brush first, and it's waaaay too dry)


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