[3830] TBDC W1UE Single Op LP

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Sun Oct 21 20:03:58 EDT 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: W1UE
Operator(s): W1UE
Station: W1UE

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3.5

Total:  QSOs = 101  Total Score = 552



Didn't seem to be a lot of activity outside the W/VE area, even then no where
near as much activity as in December.  I did work CN2R (but couldn't get him to
give me his grid), but outside of that never heard a European calling "CW
SP" although I did hear several Europeans calling CN2R, C52, and KV4FZ;
unfortunately, none of them answered any of my CQs.

I chose to work LP with my MP and 160M dipole at 50ft.  My conclusion, based on
what I worked, is that it was definitely a "high angle" night.  I only worked 3
1/2 hours of the contest due to prior commitments and the Red Sox playoff

Great Ear Stations: KH6LC, AA7NB
Good Ear Stations: KX7M, KO7X, VE7CC, NT6K, K7CA
Couldn't hear me: N6RO, N6TR, AC2K, K6VVA- couldn't get a "?" out of any of
Big signal all night: WD5R

What struck me about the propagation this night was the QSB.  Peaks were 2-8
minutes apart, depending on the station; the peak cycle also didn't seem to
matter how near or far the station was from me.  It was also strange that
the peak signal of a station that I was trying to work did not coincide with
what I gathered was my signal peak back to him; KH6LC was as strong as S6, but
he was S1 when he finally copied my grid.  NT6K was a good S8, but I
couldn't even get a "?" from him; when he eventually did copy my call and grid,
he was an S2.  The earliest west coast station I heard was K6VVA at 0247, but,
again, I couldn't even get a "?" from him despite my persistent calls.

An enjoyable way to spend a few hours.  Other observations on QSB would be
interesting to see.

Thanks for those that dug me out of the noise.

Dennis W1UE

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