[3830] JARTS VA7ST Single Op HP

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Sun Oct 21 22:10:52 EDT 2007

                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:   66   132    15
   40:  128   266    26
   20:  316   811    73
   15:    3     6     3
Total:  513  1215   117  Total Score = 142,155



* FT-2000 and SB221
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* CL33 @ 45'
* 40M 2 x half-squares
* 40M 2-el. vertical array
* 80M delta loop (full-size)

SFI=67, A=14, K=4 -- rotten to the core. (At 0140z Sunday A=4. Go figure.)

Here's one good way to test an antenna system for CQWW SSB: run HP RTTY the
week before. Low-band antennas worked fine, but something is up with the
tribander at higher power -- occasional high SWR. Only saw it during long
periods of high-duty-cycle RTTY. Hope things are stable for lower-duty modes.
Murphy strikes, but I've been remarkably free of him for a while so figure I
was due for a visit. It could be a lot worse (knocking on head).

Bands were not very good, but still it was a FB contest. EU seemed very weak to
BC on 20M and openings were quite brief. Biggest surprise was SV9CVY calling in
on 40M. Thanks to ZM3R for finding me on 20M Sunday afternoon (despite
propagation, I had turned the beam in faint hope of the ZL mult, and it

No 40M RTTY jammers on me this time out -- though I was mostly S&P on 40M so
the idiot from last week couldn't find me. 

Nice to see a pile of JAs on the air this weekend. Really nice.

I noticed one fellow sending all his exchange info in reply to my CQ. This
time, I took some time to explain the correct sequence. Hope it works for him.
Much better for all if you wait for call confirmation, then give the exchange.
He QRMd a couple of other calling stations while trying to get my attention
with his signal report and age.

Also was confused with a "QRZ" caller -- fellow sending QRZ at the end of each
transmission, perhaps confusing it with "QSL?" He answered my CQ, then sent
"QRZ" after his exchange. Well, for the next minute or so I had guys blindly
calling me thinking I was him (chain reaction each time his call was sent by
someone else in the comedy of mistaken identities). Hope he drops the QRZ from
his macros.

N1MM and MMTTY worked flawlessly -- the usual excellence. Got the FT-2000 set
up  to hear really well on CW and RTTY now. Alas, B.C. Hydro's unrelenting
power line noise to the east was true S-9 and still S-4 with the noise blanker
on in a busy band (better than the old rig, but the noise is still a killer). I
had real trouble working US/VE on 20M unless they had antennas on me. Driving
rain fell in the hours after the contest, but too late to enjoy the beautifully
noise-free bands it created.

Now on to WW-SSB, then 2 x Sweeps, then WW-CW. Looking forward to all of 'em.
Hoping for some 15M action one of these days as there was virtually nothing up
this way in JARTS (one each W7, W6, W4).

Year    QSOs   Pts.   Mults    Score
2002    321    785      119    93,415
2003    114     --       46    12,926
2004    586   1428      156   222,768 
2005    673   1578      154   243,012
2006    412    920      103    94,760
2007    513   1215      117   142,155 (HP)

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