[3830] WAG 4O/DD5FZ SO Mixed LP

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Mon Oct 22 04:50:23 EDT 2007

                    Worked All Germany Contest

Call: 4O/DD5FZ
Operator(s): DD5FZ
Station: 4O/DD5FZ

Class: SO Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24:00

 Band  CW Qs  SSB Qs  Mults
   80:   0      265     25
   40:   0      309     25
   20:   0      342     25
   15:   0      123     35
   10:   0        2      2
Total:   0     1041    102  Total Score = 318,546

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


Close to my result as 4N6FZ a year ago, but with less multis.

Conditions on 10 and 15 were poor, 20 and 40 as expected and 80 was difficult
due to high levels of QRN - lots of static discharges. 

Also due to very high winds on the coast of Montenegro the beams could not be
turned in the correct direction for DL, which especially made reception of the
smaller stations from Germany rather difficult. At times it looked like a
pre-school for helicopters here... hi hi

Many stations outside of DL do not understand that DX only works DL, leading to
unneccessary bad feelings and interference.

As always this remains on of my favorites!

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