[3830] TBDC VE3MGY Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 22 15:55:10 EDT 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: VE3MGY
Operator(s): VE3MGY
Station: VE3MGY

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

Total:  QSOs = 72  Total Score = 198

Club: Contest Club Ontario


Half of the 140 radials are not yet down so there was nothing on the ground from
090 through to 270 degrees inclusive. And none of the 6 beverages were connected
either so I was listening to the vertical for RX. Thank heavens the QRN was only
at S2 for the evening. As well the new Inverted L is only at 75' so far this
fall. In spite of all of this I still managed to work KH6LC at 11 minutes after
my sunrise and got him on the first call, after he was finished with the JA's,
and he didn't need a repeat of my grid either. I guess the season is here. Game


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