[3830] TBDC WB9Z Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 22 19:36:18 EDT 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: WB9Z
Operator(s): WB9Z
Station: WB9Z

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: IL - en60
Operating Time (hrs): 9

Total:  QSOs = 227  Total Score = 1,594

Club: Society of Midwest Contesters


As usual when I operate the "Stew" from home... and it has been only
a couple times, I run low power.  In the past 4 SPTBC's I have operated as
PJ2/WB9Z and a few times before that as WP2/WB9Z.  Before the contest I thought
what the hell, I can do low power again and why not run the new Orion 2 "flat
out", which I have never done in a contest before. 

The Orion 2 did fine putting out 95 watts and I CQed a "lot". 

Not much DX called in while CQing but I did manage to work 10 EU
stations 3 KH6's and KL7RA.  Herb, KV4FZ was loud the whole contest. 

My score reflects the x 2 multipler for running low power.

Thanks to all the W6, W7, and VE7 stations that gave me 
6 and 7 points before the x 2 multiplier.

Again, I hope to be signing PJ2/WB9Z in the next December SPTBC.  

rig:  Orion II

transmit antenna:  160' base insulated series fed vertical tower with
30,000' of ground radials

receieve antennas:  9 beverages, most are 880' or 1000' long

Jerry WB9Z

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