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Sun Oct 28 20:02:12 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: WP2/AH8DX
Operator(s): AH8DX
Station: AH8DX

Class: SOSB/160 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  619    17       71
Total:  619    17       71  Total Score = 81,042




With Tropical Storm Noel working it's way through the area, it was a weekend
full of power outages here on my side of St. Croix, USVI. It has stormed all
weekend and not let up. The heavy rain on the tin roof made copy very difficult
at times. Static crashed/QRN were many and 20dB over 9 at times. The first night
was the most productive thank goodness but EU signals were down. Tonight
(Sunday) evening, the EU sigs were getting louder by the end of the test. YT0A
did not make it into the log because he only received WP2 of my call. The op.
kept on asking for only my suffix and he received ADX but after 15 minutes of
trying I decided to let that mult go. I will have to send him a recording of
the futile attempt for a qso.

Thanks for all the qso's on the top band. I took notes during the test and
listed a few below:

My Sunrise: 6:13 a.m. local
My Sunset: 5:47 p.m. local
Best Hour: 72 qso's per minute
Worst Hour: 3 qso's
Loudest signal listening EAST: CN2R 30dB over 9
First signal before my sunset: CN2R 4:37 in the afternoon 57 above noise
Loudest EU: GM3POI (Sunday night)
Second Loudest EU: GI3OQR
Loudest West Coast: K7TJR 5dB over 9
Loudest Midwest: KA9FOX 10db over 9
Loudest East Coast: W4ZV (LOUD)
Best DX called on my freq.: C50C
Failed attempt calling me: (KS0T) I think but I did not log it (7 minutes)
Longest I called to work a MULT: 21 minutes PA6Z. He finally heard me.
Best Double MULT: P3F (Cyprus, Zone 20)
Loudest Russian Sig: LY2IJ
Difficult but in the log: IO1T, I thought he was saying 3O1T (China) No way.
Good EU ears: One call TM1Y
US Station calling CQ lowest in the Band: K3BU 1.811
EU Station calling CQ highest in the band: DF0HQ 1.882
Mad Wife for not bringing them on the trip: One Wife
Mad Kids for not bringing them on the trip: Two Kids
*Note: Serious Radio contesting don't mix with bringing wife and kids on trip

C U in the next test!

Late.......Craig, WP2/AH8DX

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