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Mon Oct 29 06:37:58 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: MD0CCE
Operator(s): MD0CCE
Station: MD0CCE

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Isle of Man
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   49     5       30
   80:  170    13       54
   40:  233    12       66
   20:  496    20       85
   15:  311    20       79
   10:  291    10       50
Total: 1550    80      364  Total Score = 1,018,536



First time for a real effort at a phone contest (mostly a cw op) - lots of fun
and a learning experience.  

Murphy visited three times in the night: sudden intermittent high swr on the
SteppIR indicated a problem unlikely to be repaired at night.  The promised
gale force winds appeared about the same time, so the tower had to be lowered,
taking down the 80m and 160m wire antennas.  A hastily erected all-band
"vertical" (30-45 degrees off vertical sometimes in the wind!) with no radials
was the only antenna used for the second 2/3s of the contest.  Apologies and
thanks to the many stations that had to dig my weak signals out of the QRM,
requiring repeats and hard work!

Given my weak signals on 40 and 80, and no 160m antenna, I surrendered the
fight on Saturday night and got up early to catch the gray line openings on
Sunday.  I noticed that the first two stations I worked were drifting in
frequency and I had to follow them with the tuning knob to get the report -
only to realize that my transceiver was drifting!  Fortunately, there was a
second one at hand, so after a swap and reconfiguration the station was back up
and running.

It was nice to hear 10m open so well, although it was frustrating to hear EU to
the south of me working the US on Sunday while I couldn't hear them at all this
far north with the vertical!  

Six stations were worked on 6 bands: CU2A, DF0HQ, DR1A, EB1WW, HG6N and PA6Z -
with many others on four or five bands; a great chance to fill in many

Good conditions, lots of great operators, lots of fun....now bring on the CW
contest!  73 and thanks to all!


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