[3830] CQWW SSB S51A(S55O) SOAB LP

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Mon Oct 29 07:04:09 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: S51A
Operator(s): S55O
Station: S53APR

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Ljubljana
Operating Time (hrs): 42

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   92     5       34
   80:  278     9       53
   40:  156    11       51
   20:  333    22       77
   15:  320    26       92
   10:  272    12       52
Total: 1418    85      359  Total Score = 929,736

Club: Slovenia Contest Club



My first SOAB! It was like when i started with soab 80, i just didnt know
where/what/how! With the support of my good friend the icom 746, which this
time was nearly impossible to operate on 40/80/160 (low ip3 bla bla bla) - had
s constant noise on 40m at 59+20, so i'm sorry if i didnt answer to your

It was a good run for experience, but still since i never was on 40m ssb for
more as the ocasional QSO the results r lacking there and on 80m. An unexpected
off time for 5h on sat night costed me the 1500Q/1M points. But it's all good.

Thanks to the support (pre/in the contest and after) of Andrej s56zab without
who my operation would've been totaly a different experience...realy thank you
and i owe you at least some beers :) To Ziga, who heleped andrej setting the
40m antena's, while i was on the job. Tine s50a and Kristjan s50xx who offered
me good informations and to all that i've bugged on the phone and the WWYC

Allways a pleasure working WWYC on air!

Icom 746
Ant: th6dxx 10/15/20 @15m
40m: dipole @9m and Eco vertical (didnt work realy good)
80m: Inv V  @15m
160m: Inv V @15m

Conditions were astonishing from the fact that 10/15 were fairly opened. Worked
realy some nice qso's and had few runs on 10m (my only runs! Thanks to all the
PA hams that answered (never worked so many PA). Qso of the day CX on the band
almost closed! 

15m fairly fun with lots of karibian, pitty for the lost ju1f, jt,9m2, lots of
others NO VK or ZL!!! actualy i heard 1 VK an 1 ZL the whole contest :/ ) Best
qso VQ9X tu!

20m...oh :/ My 746 had a singnal allways + 40!!! on the whole band! th6dxx is
bad on this band and i had to tune it to go to 14.350 :/ Sorry to the fans of
the antenna, but compared to kt34xa... it is just bad. Problems with 70% of 3
points qso and NO RUN WHATSOEVER! almost noone came on cq.... Best QSO my
friends @ Ve7SV (spent 10 minutes, but it was worth it! )

40m :) 59+++ signals and trying to get someting out of the noise :) Did what i
could since i slept sat night :). (FS/K1XM as last qso of the ctest)

80m The dipole on 15m is totaly dissapointing...i didnt work even 9k2hn who
usualy is realy realy good (and i work him from home with a dipole on 9m every
time XD ).....time to improve...Skyloop maybe! No Caribian :/ (4u1wrc came on

160m The 160 on contest was my first....Thanks to rl3a who saved my day with a
multiplayer! in the night time it was refreshing and i actualy had a run on 160
with 100W :) Yey! 

Thank you all again and hope to hear you on the bands!

Bostjan - Ian S55O

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