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Mon Oct 29 19:08:54 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: N1PGA
Operator(s): N1PGA
Station: N1PGA

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 32

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    9     3        3
   80:   41     9       21
   40:   87    16       49
   20:  290    18       88
   15:  245    20       79
   10:   81    10       27
Total:  753    76      267  Total Score = 724,416

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


I only decided to particpate in the contest on Friday morning, so it was almost
a complete cold-start of the entire station, end to end. 

The radio had been unplugged and boxed up since last winter.  I needed to get
almost all of the antennas out of storage in the garage and installed up into
the trees (there are no towers at N1PGA).   New feed lines were rolled out for
most antennas.   Fortunately the WX was terrific and I had left most of the
support lines and pulleys up in all of the trees from last spring.   

All the antennas except one are home brew, so I was very familar with the
assembly and install process and so it all came together pretty quickly.

Rig: FT-1000MkV Field

Homebrew Antennas:  (each suspended in or in between trees)
10m 2-el Quad NE @ 30'
15m 2-el Quad NE @ 35'
20m 2-el Quad NE @ 45'
40m Dipole @ 55'
80m 1/4w vertical over 4 raised radials
160m InvVee @ 65'

F12 C3 @ 45' fixed South  (also suspended from a tree)
550' Beverage NE (sure wish more people in EU had one)

I'm glad to hear that I was not the only one who had a tough time on the low
bands Saturday night...

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