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Mon Oct 29 19:50:29 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: KR2Q
Operator(s): KR2Q
Station: KR2Q

QTH: fn20ru NNJ
Operating Time (hrs): 18.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    2     2        2
   80:   10     4        3
   40:   64    15       41
   20:  183    18       81
   15:  183    19       68
   10:   64    11       23
Total:  506    69      218  Total Score = 399,504



Very casual effort (I'm not big phone fan).  Only QRV 6 hours of the first 24
including just 1.5 hours from the start until hitting the sheets.  

My goal was to work DXCC qrp at the bottom of the sunspot cycle.  I worked
97...close enough, considering how few hours I put in.  I spent lots of time
casually tuning around, skipping needed QSO's, looking for mults.  It was
certainly different for me.  I echo K5ZD's observation that sleep works

Some guys list their BEST DX, so I'll list my WORST DX:
K2TTT (that's zone 5) around 5 miles from me for a double mult on 10m @2006z on
day 2.  Apparently, he needed USA too!

To paraphrase Mickey Mantle:  If I knew the bands were going to be so good, I
would have put in more hours.  Seeing the 3830 scores and comments makes me
sick about my approach.  Oh well.

But had a great weekend relaxing around the yard enjoying the sun, tracing
coax, etc.  Discovered that somehow my RG17 run to the back tower got used to
feed my 80m inverted V.  Pretty funny.

A couple "issues" for me.  Somehow, CT ended up using an ARRL cty file (don't
ask me how), so my running score was low (but I didn't know that until the
contest was over).  At 2300z (7pm local), my wife called me down for dinner
(the "usual" contest end time).  Since I was casual, I didn't care...so I
missed 430 minutes near the end.  After installing the correct CTY file and
seeing my final score, I sure wish I had made one more QSO.  LOL.

RIG:  FT817.   Waiting for my K3.  

CU in SS and CQWW CW,
de Doug KR2Q

PS...heard some EU on 10m (mostly G-land and ON9) but no EU Q's with qrp (I

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