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Mon Oct 29 19:59:53 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: K1BX
Operator(s): K1BX
Station: K1BX

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 38.25
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   13     3        2
   80:  110    15       53
   40:  153    21       71
   20:  408    25      101
   15:  503    26       99
   10:  122    15       39
Total: 1309   105      365  Total Score = 1,752,630

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


IC-775, IC-761, DXD

160- Loaded Tower, 3 radials, 500' beverage
80- Inv Vee @ 60'
40- 402-CD @ 50' (new 10/07)
20, 15, 10- X7 @ 60' & A3 South @ 30'

The antennas sit atop a steep ridge that drops 250' from North to East to
South. Elevation is 560'. To the NE there are no higher hills for at least 3

N1MM Logger

Fixed 402-CD coil 1 hr before test (fold over tower)
Finished clip-leading 160 tuner caps & putting down 3 radials on 160 5 mins
before test

Slept 30 mins first night in the chair. Took 2 off hours Sat night to watch
World Series game. Slept 5 hours Sun AM, made 1 contact (FS/K1XM on 80) then
slept 2 more hours as I was groggy from the Tylenol PM, duh.

Almost all S&P. Sunday's 10m open was just like a good 6m opening. As the E
clouds moved, each new country would come in for a few minutes - from I north
to GI.

Minimal use of 2nd radio as I have not finished the filters yet. I did get the
KK1L 2X6 relay controller working with the lockout feature. 

Chose not to go assisted this year (at 2355Z) as I have improved the station
enough. Two years ago I had an FT-847 and an A3. Without packet I lost 19
countries on 20 meters (from 2006), but with the new 40m 2 el beam, I gained 13
on 40m. Also 15 m condx helped this year. Since I could not hold a FQ on 20 or
15, I spent more time on 10m. 
I realized that since I have to spend 95% of my time tuning the bands, I can
find enough mults. Also, there are so many stations following the latest spots,
I was always fighting KW stations. 

My wife came into the shack Friday evening just before the test. I showed her
the 2 rotor controllers and asked if she knew what that meant. I said "I
finally have 2 towers!" She doesn't get it. I told her each time one of kids
move out, I get another tower. I *should* be up to 4 towers before the sunspot
peak. And, the rule is once the tower is up, it stays up. It doesn't matter how
many kids move back in, otherwise, I will start counting grandkids.

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