[3830] CQWW SSB 4L4WW SOSB/80 HP

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Tue Oct 30 04:19:46 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: 4L4WW
Operator(s): 4L4WW
Station: 4L4WW

Class: SOSB/80 HP
QTH: Obcha, Georgia
Operating Time (hrs): 31

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80: 1562    31      103
Total: 1562    31      103  Total Score = 608,580



Great contest… and great feelings (especially after it is over!).  This is
second time for me in the CQWW SOSB and first time on 80m.....again big

The cyclone which came just few days before  the contest and brought some heavy
rains and associated few thunderstorms was something I was afraid most but
luckily everything was over  Friday evening and I enjoyed an excellent
condition throughout the contest, almost no noise or statics. 
I can not say the same on propagation. The  first day was far better than the
second . Just compare only ca 300 QSOs , 3 zones and handful countries in last
12 hours to the rest.  I was really struggling to copy surprisingly weakened
signals from EU, though QRM from big European stations remained at almost the
same level. At the same time the beginning of this very second day, thanks to
gray line propagation (and 3 el. Yagi!) has produced  few good LP contacts with
zone 3. Sorry for K7… I started QSO with and he was really coming strong when
suddenly my FT1000D went quiet  and despite of all my efforts came back in only
2 minutes. Still wonder what has happened but had no problems for the rest of
the contest. When I was back had no immediate replies and decided that it was
not worth trying to struggle over 30.000 km to get more zone 3 (though zone 1
could be a great reward, but was not sure about) Sorry guys if I raised
expectations there, will try to work you maybe in 2 weeks time when I plan to
be in the village again. Both days had short but very good openings to VK and
ZL and as aresult surprisingly easy 29,30, 32 zones. I guess I was lucky with
zones 10 and 31 at the same time have missed easy 22 and 40.

 3 el Yagi installed this summer worked very well and total 31 zones is
probably good confirmation of that. Due to absence of the static noise almost
all the receiving was done on Yagi. I head EU/USA beverage but my overall RX
commutation still requires some further work, which I now understand much
better after the contest. 

Great contest and to say last (and by far not the least), record of Asia
from1999 was broken by more than doubling it.
All the best to everyone and hope to meet you again soon.
Gia 4L4WW

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