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Tue Oct 30 13:57:23 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: HG6N
Operator(s): HA3NU HA3OV HA6ND HA1AG HA6ON
Station: HG6N

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Karancs Hill (783m)
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  373    12       68
   80:  840    22      101
   40: 1005    30      130
   20: 2333    39      154
   15: 1691    37      154
   10:  248    19       93
Total: 6490   159      700  Total Score = 10,001,137



This contest proved that SSB can be fun, too. Although we do not like SSB  
contests and we rarely have enough motivation to one seriously this time we
fully enjoyed the game and were glad to enter. 

Rigs: 2x TS-950 SDX’s and HM amps
160m: dipole on the trees @18m 
80m: dipoles @18m
40m: 2 el HB9CV @ 22m
20m: 5 ele Yagi at 13m
15m: 6 ele Yagi at 17m
10m: 5 ele Yagi at 27m, 4 ele Yagi @6m

Beverages were used for low band Rxing NA (350m) and JA (175m) and served for
every 1000 QSOs (Ararat 10 yrs old) 

Arriving to the station on Thursday night and finding several antennas
disfunctional due to storm damage and theft (!) gave us a very dark outlook for
the weekend but alcohol dissolves pessimism and goulash relaxes minds so after a
general reset on team members + HA6PN birthday celebration (singing included) we
started to rebuild antennas, fix beverages etc on Friday morning. 

By 20 GMT everything seemed to be ready and working so we could even had a nap
before the contest started. 

The aurora killed the fun of our Nordic friends but gave us some nice EU runs
on very short skip. Seeing the last10 often above 500 and once even on 600
(link) gave a mental boost. The EU rate was so high that it was not worth to
bother with the weak JA’s at that time. 

Saturday produced nice NA runs on 15 and 20 but 15m condx stopped at East W0
and did not yield any zone 3. 

40m was in a bad shape throughout the night but 80 and 160 were OK. Sunday
morning did not greet us with repeating the Saturday Es so we stayed on 40m and
enjoying 200+ hours from EU. At this moment the contest really felt like an
EUHFC where some DX were also allowed. 

Working JA’s well beyond their SS on the high bands forecasted loooong NA
openings and some more pileups. 15m opened up with great rates again with even
some Zone 3’s dropping in. 

10m NA opening never materialized for us, it seems that the multi-hop Es
favoured south G – F – Central Italy – 9A – 5B axis. 

The 15 and 20 remained open quite late with strong but rare NA calls and
frequent and weak EY calls. The last hour produced a nice simplex USA run in
the newly opened 40m band segment. 

Frequency fights were not very bad this year but splatter was all around. The
freq fights to remember was S52ZW, IF9A and AA1K. As the long-haul DXs seemed
to trace closer DXs (like W0s and W7s calling in after or during a steady East
Coast stream) and breaking the pileup by these made it very difficult to
recover it back. 

We are quite happy with the score and it seems that all major Central EU M/S
finished around 10M so let the UBN set the final order :)  Congrats to 9A1P for
their success again!

Funny and not-so funny moments (flames should be directed to ha1ag only): 

vp5t: cq contest vp5t 
hg6n: hotel germany six november
vp5t: who is the germany six?
hg6n: hotel germany six november
vp5t: I said, who is the germany six? 
hg6n: hotel germany six november
vp5t: I want the germany six and not hotel germany six november!

The best ear award goes to ZM2M – they produced a good signal around 1230 GMT
on 40m. To my biggest surprise they even answered me after calling them 2-3

The shittiest signal award this year goes to EU1AZ for his AM-SSB/WB-FM
combination. Effectively jamming and wiping out 10 kHz of 20m in prime EU-AS
time is an achievement which could have offered him a career 40 years ago. 

The definition of LOUD is UA9CLB on 80m. Usually HA6NL can produce that kind of
80m signal from being abt 5 km away. 

HG6N running on 15m when the overstressed AGC shuts down receiver… the reason
is 2 kHz (!) below:
famous W1 contester: CQ contest call call listening 21143 21143
HG6N: Can you move away? You are just destroying my pileup.
famous W1 contester: no, I have been running here for an hour 
I was wondering how productive that hour was with all the calls he got on


zoli ha1ag

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