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Tue Oct 30 17:41:05 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: OK5R
Operator(s): OK1RI
Station: OK1RI

Class: SOSB/40 HP
QTH: Brezina
Operating Time (hrs): 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40: 2936    35      133
Total: 2936    35      133  Total Score = 841,512



ANT 2x5Y full size @52/26m + single el. delta loop.

Third time in a row I went for 40m SB. I am starting to feel that 40M/SB
operation was created for masochists only. "Normal man" can not enter such a
category. Worst were the afternoons. Stations were something like 200Hz apart.
I had a friendly conversation with MW5W who started to CQ 150Hz from me being
59+40dB and I politely asked him if he could move maybe 150Hz more that it
would be beneficial for both of us and (thanks !) he went away. This is just to
let some of you know how it looks down here in the heart of EU. 
This year no visits from Murphy but have the smallest "claim". The propagation
towards NA specifically towards western parts of NA was almost nonexistent
oposed to propagation to some 2000km i.e. Middle East where most of the
broadcasters are and I believe you can imagine the HAVOC they make..... I have
not a single VE western of VE3. I believe there is a significant amount of W6/7
with decent equipment who never made it to EU this year on 40m. The propagation
started to improve Sunday afternoon - too late. During SA/SU night there were
not a short periods when I could not hear a single USA !! Even the "mega trio"
(LR,LPL,XX) was not audible !!!!! 

For some comparison with two previous years a few "interesting" zones:
zone    3       4       5       14      15      16      17      25      32
2005    16      200     435     960     403     252     63      196     11     

2006    56      220     482     1059    482     262     58      120     15
2007	 8	161	396	1123	443	260	45	163	16

most interesting is that 10th most active zone was 24 !!!!! with 23 calls in
the log. Who would believe it a few years back. I am looking forward to a time
when zone 24 would compensate for the lack of stations in zone 25 and starts to
eliminate the disadvantage of being so far to the east of EU. 

Congrats to 9A4W and AO8A - of course contesting with an average 2.9x is
"different story" than with 1.xx.
I wonder how much YT8A will have ?

Thanks for the QSO and hope to see you again.
73 !
Jiri OK1RI - OK5R

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