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Wed Oct 31 20:04:54 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: YU1ARC
Operator(s): YZ1ZV,YT1HA,HB9EDM,S56A,YZ1PL
Station: YU1ARC

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Bobovo,Serbia
Operating Time (hrs): 45

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   76     5       36
   80:  437    11       61
   40:  219    15       65
   20: 1068    30       88
   15:  757    26       89
   10:   42    20       89
Total: 2599    95      359  Total Score = 1,780,588



Well all started well,but first morning Murphey started:(
First linear didn't work for a day,problem solved in late afternoon,but that
was too late,because we losted a lot of qso on 15 & 20 meters.From 07:00 GMT
untill 18:00 GMT operated with 100 W.Antenna for 160 was not working:( untill
sunday,wire was cuted,without antenna for 10 meters first day:( 5 element was
up in sunday at rainy weather.Because of linear problems we losted at least
1500 qso;s on 10 m and 15 first day ,what a pitty,condx was great!We decide
only to call cq(no voice keyer)so that is a reason of small number of mtpl,also
to tell that mtl station didnt worked,but was fixed in sunday:)
Anyway thanks to all who give us a call,it was a nice weekend in YU1ARC after
all,sunday is our lucky day:)
What can we tell,except that we did not have a luck from the start,but when the
problems were solved we enjoyed nice pile ups,I could imagine what could be that
all worked and that Murphey didn' came to our club:)
Thanks to Loui YZ1PL who invite us to operate from his nice location,and he was
a great host!!!Now it's all working well,so next time wil be a different story
and much better score.
Congrats to YT2T,403A,YT9A,YT0Z,S53F(on 40 m)...and others for a great
Bands were open like in old good times!
Hope that will be also for CW part.
Just to say that Marco HB9EDM who got his licence in january operated like he
worked at least 10 cq ww :)BRAVO MARCO!
We use YAESU FT 757 GX/II :),because FT 767 problems with output power (was
dead some time,that was solved,you can gess..sunday ofcourse:).

ANT's: 5 el for 10 
       4 el for 20 
       5 el for 15
       3 el for 40 
       dipole for 80 
       inv vee for 160 
linear:800 W

73 from YU1ARC (YZ1ZV Zoki,YZ1PL Lui,HB9EDM Marco,S56A Marijan,YT1HA Zik)

story by: Zik YT1HA

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