[3830] NA Sprint CW NO5W LP

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Sun Feb 3 10:25:35 EST 2008

                    NA Sprint CW Contest

Call: NO5W
Operator(s): NO5W
Station: NO5W

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3.5

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:    0       0
   40:   91     2.5
   20:   42       1
Total:  133    Mults = 36  Total Score = 4,788

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Team: Austin Powers Lowfers


Radio: IC-7000
Antennas: 40/20 inverted Vee's at 25 feet
Software: CQ/X de NO5W 1.7

Great fun as always with lots of activity and some great CW ops. The Thursday
night practice sessions seemed to pay off as I wasn't nearly as fumble-fingered
at the start -- thanks NCCC. Interestingly I heard one station giving the
Thursday night CQNS call instead of NA through out most of the contest. 40M was
it's usual chaos when I went there after about an hour but it turned out to be
the money band since I'm still antenna-bankrupt on 80M. Included in the 40M
sprint chaos was a good bit of RTTY QRM fairly low in the band which I thought
the change of date was supposed to address. Can't claim that it had much effect
on my score, however, as that was mostly due to skill and antenna situation.

Still my favorite contest. See you in the next one and several others in


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