[3830] MnQP KB9OWD Single Op LP

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Sun Feb 3 13:55:15 EST 2008

                    Minnesota QSO Party

Call: KB9OWD
Operator(s): KB9OWD
Station: KB9OWD

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  CW-RTTY Qs  Ph Qs
   80:     59        48
   40:     19         1
   20:      1          
Total:     79        49  Mults = 54  Total Score = 11,178



This one left me confused and somewhat frustrated, needing aspirin from a
headache and so on.

Had plans to operate the full 10 hours and put forth a good showing.  Started
off the first hour with 41 QSO's after an 11 minute late start.  That means
only 78 QSO's over the other 6 hours, horrible!  

I hit the auto CQ til my finger about bled and CQed much more than I wanted on
SSB just trying to get something going but not to be.  About midday, 80 went
totally flat for about an hour with absolutely nothing in the CW segment and
very few signals in the SSB area.  40 was too long at this point for any
success.  40 did pick up early in the afternoon and 80 regained some strength. 
The mobiles kept it interesting for me or I would have been out much earlier.

Early afternoon I requested true signal reports from MN stations replying to my
CQ on 80 and everyone stated one of the loudest on the band, all stating 10 to
20 over.  Hence the confusion on why I could not get anything going.

Nice to see Scott, NE9U and Jeff, W9MSE making the trip from WI for rover
stations and all the MN rovers who kept it interesting.  May be around next
weekend for WPX RTTY and for sure in ARRL CW and Wisconsin QSO Party in March.



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