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Sun Feb 3 15:11:33 EST 2008

                    Mexico RTTY International Contest

Call: N1MGO
Operator(s): N1MGO
Station: N1MGO

Class: SO1R HP
QTH: ma
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   40:   94  230    21
   20:  274  735    50
   15:    2    6     2
Total:  370  971    73  Total Score = 70,883

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


As usual, great fun!  Saturday propagation was BAD, VERY BAD.  I had trouble
working any Europeans or Mexican stations on 20mtr, nothing on 15 or 10.
The evening was somewhat better on 40mtr, but lots of cw from the other
contests mixed up with the rtty made for sometimes difficult conditions.
Sunday was much better on 20mtr, with some stations on 15 mtrs also.  I saw
lots of new opeartors, and one DL was reading the riot act to anyone that did
not pass him the report in what he considered the proper format, or called out
of order, or any other transgression he saw!  Was amazing what he found wrong
with most callers! 
I had several instances of calling CQ for a while, usually 15 minutes or longer
only to find out that propagation was changing and I was on the same frequency
as some other poor station also calling CQ, SORRY! I did not do it on purpose
and found a new frequency when I saw that happening.  Propagation was something
else this weekend!.

Equipment:  IC-756 Pro2  Ameritron AL0-80 amp (500 watts), Writelog and dipoles
in the trees.  All worked just great with no problems.
Hope the propagation is better for the CQ WPX RTTY test coming up!  KT1I and I
will team up to run Mulit-One using KT1I call sign.  We are asking other local
hams to come over to see RTTY contesting in action, so we may have some new
RTTY operators trying out the mode, should be fun!!

Gordon - N1MGO (Got called Charlie, Bambi and Gordon during the contest,
Charlie and Bambi from when KT1I and I have done NAQP in july from VT, probably
never will get the Charlie and Gordon fixed in all the Name files, should have
never used 2 names during one contest, that is why we switched to Bambi!!)

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