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Sun Feb 3 17:37:19 EST 2008

                    Mexico RTTY International Contest

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: SO1R HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   80:  17    52     2
   40:   0     0     0
   20:  65   255    15
Total:  82   255    17  Total Score = 4,335



* FT2000 + SB221
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* Tribander at 45'
* 40M half-squares
* 80M delta loop

Flux: 71  | Ap: 13  | Kp: 3

Yet another one of the worst weekends ever for propagation. Did better than
this in 2004 with LP and a G5RV at 25'. From this part of British Columbia,
even domestic contacts were barely there -- in XE RTTY, NA CW Sprint and the MN
QSO Party. 

There was NO European opening on 20M -- talk about a sad-sack op here listening
to the midwest, southern and eastern stations running EUs and not even the hint
of a peep here. I kept looking at last year's log (which saw EU open nicely
from 1500 and 1700z) and thinking, "give it another hour and the EUs will start
rolling in." Hour after hour I waited. Nothing. This is the black hole of

The handful XEs (9) that I worked were loud.

I think the XE contest organizers should get the message that without posting
results in a timely manner (or posting them eventually, even), some fellows
won't bother to enter this one. Maybe the slot on the calendar can be opened up
now. Not sure I'll pencil in this one for 2009. 

Bad conditions, sagging participation, and the lack of a final score report
from previous years made it hard to justify putting in much time. 

A weekend of endless unanswered CQs on all bands has me looking forward to next
weekend's WPX RTTY. It can't get any worse than this weekend.

Year   QSO  Pts  Mults   Score
2008:   82  255    17    4,335 HP
2007:  318  963    67   64,521 HP
2006:  312  920    54   49,680
2005:  271  816    55   44,880
2004:   74    0    20    4,540

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