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Mon Feb 11 12:20:57 EST 2008

                    CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest

Call: AJ1I
Operator(s): W1UE
Station: K1TTT

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: ma
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts
   80:  358  1226
   40:  509  1968
   20:  977  2384
   15:  226   524
   10:    0     0
Total: 2070  6102  Prefixes = 725  Total Score = 4,423,950

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Despite the hardware challenges, a great time!

The week before, the ice finally took out the 40M beam at 180ft.  For the
contest, I had a 40M beam at 70ft fixed on Europe, or a 4-square.  On each
band, at least one antenna wouldn't rotate due to the severe icing condition. 
For several hours on Sunday, I couldn't rx using the top antennas in the stack
due to S9+ snow static.  Despite these limitations, the K1TTT station sure

Got off to slow start.  While being another S-unit or two into Europe on 40M
might have helped, I just couldn't seem to get a run going on either 40 or 80M.
 At the end of the first 7 hours, I was 250 QSOs behind K3MM, but it wasn't for
want of trying.  I took my first off time at 0700Z, as the rate started to ebb
on the low bands and I needed to have a little sleep for the morning runs.

Started up at 1130Z, and 20M wasn't quite open, but I ran both 20 & 40M until I
switched up to 15M at 1300Z.  Europe was workable on 15M, although there was
little rate, but it was fine for the second radio.  I stayed on those bands
until my second off time from 1900-2100Z.  When I got back, I switched to 20 &
40M again, and got a reasonable JA opening on 20M.  Those 40 JAs were the only
JAs worked the entire weekend.  At 0100Z, I switched to 40/80, and stayed there
 until my third off time 0100-0400Z.  I was back on from 0400-0530Z, working
40/80, then more off time until 1200Z when I again started up on 20/40M.  20M
was terrible Sunday morning; the European signals, even the Gs and Is, were
very watery.  I knew the K was up to 4, then 5, but after I switched to 20/15
at 1500Z there was no other place to go.  15M was also open to Europe, but the
signals to run well just weren't there.  I then took my last off time at
1815-1945Z, then ran 20/40 to 2300 and 40/80 to the contest end.

Best Hours:
Sat QSOs:     1700Z,  104 QSOs
Sat QSO Pts:  2200Z,  326 QSO Pts
Sun QSOs:     1600Z,   76 QSOs
Sun QSO Pts:  2200Z,  203 QSO Pts

I was pleased to beat last year's score, crack 700 mults, and crack 2000 QSOs. 

Great scores by at least P49X, K3MM, UA9CLB, K4GMH, and probably a few others. 
Its nice to be in such company.

A special thanks to Dave K1TTT for the use of his great station.  And, as
always, thanks for the Qs.

Dennis W1UE/AJ1I

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