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Mon Feb 18 13:12:52 EST 2008

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: VO1MP
Operator(s): VO1MP
Station: VO1MP

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   38    30
   80:   99    51
   40:  108    42
   20:  258    48
   15:   66    37
Total:  566   208  Total Score = 353,184

Club: East Coast Canada Contest Club


Abbreviated contest effort ,  mainly S & P ...weather softened a bit on Friday
and attempted to change-out the driven element on my 20 meter  beam however
Murphy was lurking  at the  top third  of the tower  which was completely
ensconced in a film of ice  not visible  from the  ground, discretion in this 
case  was the better part  or  safer part of valour  so had to abort  that
effort and to make do with a single delta loop. Had hoped to do a bit of cqing
however ...... Murphy was not yet finished , and  was joined by his  Cousin
O'Toole for those of you  who  have never  heard  of O'Toole his  corollary on
Murphy's law  simply states that "Murphy is an Optimist" I guess due to the
many recent  wind storm  we have had here some thing  must have gone  awry on
one of the transformers on an electrical pole not  far from the house .....
without the noise  blanker  , the IPO and the notch filter all engaged the
noise was  10 over  nine ... So apologies to any who might have called  while I
CQ'ed and  didnt  copy ...
Cheeeeeese one of the reasons  I moved here 15 years ago was to get rid of that
stuff.   and as I type  this just about all my  noise is  gone... any way that's
my story and I'm sticking with it,  hopefully  I get a weather window to fix my
twenty meter  beam and repair some of the other antennas around here  ... 
Hope to C'y'all 
next one  GLWCDR
73 Gus  VO1MP

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