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Mon Feb 18 15:21:09 EST 2008

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: K2DM
Operator(s): K2DM
Station: K2DM

Operating Time (hrs): 34

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   12     9
   80:   62    38
   40:  171    62
   20:  371    74
   15:   54    33
   10:    0     0
Total:  670   216  Total Score = 434,160

Club: Frankford Radio Club


Last year I got my QRP clock cleaned by KR2Q and K3PH.  This year I had another
go at it with a new high-band antenna, better preparation and a renewed
commitment.  Despite the poor conditions, I could tell that things would go
better for me this year.  I had tuned my 40M antenna correctly, and the result
was fewer stations who CQ'd in my face.  I actually had a decent QRP first hour
of 39, including one contact on 20M (KP2M).  Unfortunately, 80M was pathetic, as
usual.  European stations CQ'd in my face all weekend.  Maybe if I put up a
20M was amazing on Saturday morning.  Finding the band open at 1150Z, I walked
the length of it from the bottom, picking off stations as though I were the
only stateside guy on the band.  I kept checking 15M, but no EU opening as far
as I could tell.  So I did a lot of S&P and some CQing with mixed results on
20M.  Back to 40M after working the Caribbean mults on 15M and 20M.  It was OK,
but 80M was useless for me.  How frustrating!  So I went to bed early with 497
QSOs in the log.
I woke up to do the low-band shuffle at 1030Z.  Imagine my surprise hearing
VP6DX CQing on 40M with few takers.  After working him, I tuned a few kHz and
worked ZM3A.  Then I found 4U1UN, who I had called on and off for 45 minutes
the night before with no luck.  Nothing had changed, other than the fact that
no one else was calling him -- he STILL never heard me.  Only 45 miles away! 
Must've shot right over Manhattan.  Another multiplier lost!
15M actually opened to EU -- barely.  I worked 9A7A at 1256Z, and picked up
another 5 EU stations over the next hour and a half between stints on 20M.  Big
disappointment was hearing KR2Q working a CT1 when I couldn't even get a QRZ out
of him.  This was the first I had heard Doug, and it gave me a boost for the
rest of the contest.
Win, lose or draw, I always feel good after a contest when I feel as though I
got everything out of my station that I could.  This time around that is how I
feel.  Congratulations to my QRP buds K3PH and KR2Q for their fine efforts,
despite Bob feeling under the weather and Doug having narcolepsy.  See you next

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