[3830] CQ160 SSB K1TO Single Op HP

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Mon Feb 25 17:32:54 EST 2008

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB

Call: K1TO
Operator(s): K1TO
Station: K1TO

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5.6

Total:  QSOs = 458  State/Prov = 54  Countries = 37  Total Score = 138,411

Club: Florida Contest Group


Some late intermittent S&P low power on Friday evening.  Couldn't break the West
Coast wall to VP6DX with LP, so flipped the amp on, worked 'em, and shut the rig
off with just 20 QSOs in the log.  

Saturday evening, taking a break from other activities, I flipped on the rig,
called CQ, and had several enjoyable stretches, punctuated by frequent short
ragchews with old and new friends.  Spent much of that time either really low
in the band at 1806 or up in the nosebleed section above 1900.  I see now that
4O3A spotted me at 1806, but that not all EU could call that low in the band. 
Nonetheless, a surprising amount of EU made it into the log and 4Z1UF was an FB
caller right at his SR.  Apologies to HB10DX who I sucessfully called later, but
whose call I could just not make out initially despite 5+ minutes of effort.  

Lots of manual switching between Beverages to pull out the weak ones.  The
static crashes, while not summerlike, were just annoying enough to cause lots
of repeats.  It's neat to work EU and long-haul west QSOs in the same period. 

Heard N1HRA call several folKS Friday night from RI, but I missed that state
and WY for WAS.  

Really neat to see the huge rates reported at the beginning by some of the 160

Next weekend's ARRL DX SSB will also be a part-time effort from here this year.

73, Dan

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